For Scientists and Practitioners

Call for Papers

We welcome it if interested scientists and practitioners (also in teams) would like to contribute in the form of a book article.

  • Up to 90 pages including graphics and bibliography are available for each topic.
  • Contributions can also be submitted as subchapters of about 10-12 pages.
  • One page consists of approx. 2,800 characters including spaces.
  • We accept submissions in German and English.
  • Date of Submission: 04/30/2020

The De Gruyter formatting instructions are available on agreement. English contributions will be translated into German before publication.


The publication covers six major topics:

  1. political environment in Germany / China
  2. legal and financial framework in Germany / China
  3. comparison of cultural differences
  4. quantitative analysis of the investments made
  5. USA and China: Investor Relations Brief Overview
  6. industry focus: aviation industry

We will gladly provide you with further information on the structure of the subject areas and the structure of the anthology.

If you are interested in contributing to our book, we would be pleased to receive a Research Proposal. Please state clearly which points of outline you would like to adopt and then add a short introduction of the author or team, an overview of the content and procedure, as well as the most important materials, such as tables and graphics, and an overview of the bibliography. Your research proposal should not exceed six pages.

Research proposals can be submitted on an ongoing basis until all topics have been assigned. Please keep the overall deadline for submission of manuscripts due at 04/30/2020 in mind.


It is possible to present your results at our German-Chinese conference at the end of 2020 and discuss them with representatives from research and industry.

The anthology will be published by the renowned publishing house De Gruyter.

Conference contribution

Are you interested in giving a lecture at our international conference in 2020?

If you participate in our Call for Papers, you will automatically have the opportunity to present your research results at our conference and discuss them with representatives from research and industry.

If you are not interested in writing an entire book contribution, but are only interested in a conference presentation, you are welcome to approach us with an abstract (no more than one A4 page) of your planned presentation content. Suitable topics can be found in the structure of our anthology. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly.

Of course you can also come to our conference as a participant. Further information on registration can be found on our event page.

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