NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Sciences is the first state-recognised private university founded and run directly by the business community with locations in Elmshorn and Hamburg. It offers practical study courses with outstanding study conditions and a high success rate. With over 2,000 study places and numerous cooperation companies, NORDAKADEMIE is one of the largest private universities with classroom teaching in Germany.


The NORDAKADEMIE Foundation was established in 2017 by the non-profit NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Sciences, which is supported by the business community, and provided with part of its reserves. It is based in Elmshorn.

The NORDAKADEMIE Foundation is a foundation with legal capacity that operates exclusively on a non-profit basis.

The Foundation is particularly active in areas that do not fall within the direct sphere of activity of the NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Sciences. Thus, the NORDAKADEMIE Foundation extends the field of activity of the university beyond studies and teaching in the fields of science and research as well as education and culture.

A close partnership with other universities and research institutions as well as schools and cultural institutions is strived for.


We thank our partners & sponsors for their contribution to the success of the project!